Kitchen Trends for 2018

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Kitchen Trends for 2018

If you’ve been thinking about redoing your kitchen, make it your New Year’s resolution to finally take that off your to-do list. Let’s take a closer look at some of the big kitchen trends for 2018 and see if any of them inspire you.

Darker Cabinets

White is still a common color for kitchen cabinets. It can give your kitchen a timeless look that should stay in style for a while. Gray will remain popular as well. It gives your kitchen a modern, clean look. That being said, we expect to see darker colors rise in popularity this year. Some shades that take off could surprise you.

Cabinets in darker colors can give your kitchen a more elegant or dramatic look. Black and navy are obvious choices, but don’t be surprised to see some more unique tones make an appearance. We’re talking about plum and emerald green shades that will truly set your kitchen apart. This trend could even extend to appliances, with black dishwashers, stoves, and more rising in popularity. kitchen trend

New Storage Solutions

No matter how big your kitchen is, it can sometimes feel like you still don’t have enough space. You need room for cooking ingredients, pots, pans, dishware, and more. For 2018, we expect to see more homeowners opt for more effective storage that doesn’t waste space and accommodates even tall or oddly shaped items.

More Ceramic Tile

You’ll continue to find hardwood floors in many kitchens, but we think that many homeowners will start looking at ceramic flooring. It’s already a popular option and it’s available in more varieties these days. No matter what kind of style or size you’re looking for, our home interior design team can help you find unique flooring that suits your needs and budget.

Single-Level Islands

Islands have quickly become a must for many people who redesign their kitchens. We don’t expect this to change in 2018. Islands can serve a number of purposes in a modern kitchen. They can offer storage space or serve as a place to gather for a quick meal. They’re also a great prep space for any cook, no matter what kind of meal you’re working on.

Single-level islands could also become larger, accelerating a trend towards more open plan designs for homes. As islands become larger, they can help blur the line between kitchen and living room.

Smart Technology

In 2018 technology will play an even bigger role in the kitchen. As appliances get smarter and more sensors and other devices make their ways to multiple rooms of the house, you can be sure that the kitchen will serve as the basis for the smart home revolution. From motion sensing faucets to a fridge that can tell you when you need to hit the grocery store to pick up a critical item, the kitchen will continue to get smarter in 2018.

At Luna Beach Interiors, we’re ready to help you build the stylish, modern kitchen that you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to get started on your next project!

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